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How much cash back will you receive?

Purchase Price
Commission rebate based on a 3% commission earned by buyer's agent. Your commission rebate could be higher or lower. 

Don't make the mistake of visiting a new home builder's office without a Realtor® because it could cost you thousands of dollars! 

Avoid the number one new home buyer mistake

The biggest mistake new home buyers make is visiting a builder without an independent buyer’s agent. When you sign the new home builder’s log without an Realtor® present, you become the home builder’s client, and without an independent buyer’s agent representing you, you lose the ability to receive help negotiating and earning cash back.

Savvy new home buyers get more for less
New home prices are not fixed. New Homes Outlet will match you with a local full-service buyer's agent, often from a brand name broker, who will help you find a home, negotiate AND rebate 20% of their commission at closing!

Typical new home buyers pay retail and get $0 cash back
Unfortunately, many new home buyers choose to work with an "in-house" agent who is employed by the home builder. These agents help buyers choose floor plans but quote retail prices from a catalog. Knowledgeable new home buyers work with a Realtor®, an independent buyer's agent, who will work hard to obtain better price and/or builder concessions. In both scenarios these agents keep the entire sales commission for themselves.

Someone will earn a commission on the new home you buy 
The new home builder has budgeted for and will pay sales commission to either an "in-house" agent or an real estate agent who is representing you. New home builders want you to work with their "in-house" agent so they can keep more of the profit. 

Where it works!
New Homes. The New Homes Outlet commission rebate program is available for the following new home builders:
  • Beazer Homes
  • Centex Homes
  • Ryan Homes
  • Khov Homes
  • Choice Homes
  • DR Horton
  • KB Home
  • Lennar
  • Newmark Homes
  • Pulte Homes
  • Ryland Homes
  • Toll Brothers
  • Plus many others!

 New Home Buyers Can Now Receive a Rebate

Are you looking to purchase a new home, condominium or townhouse? Let assist you in finding your dream home and give you a home buyer rebate from your buyer agency. Sign up today to work with an agent that offers you part of their commission when you buy your home through them. This amazing offer applies to all participating New Home Builder Communities offering a buyer agent commission.

Why do agents offer this? The internet has revolutionized the way home shoppers search for real estate. By actively participating in the search for your new home, you will save the Buyer Agent assigned to you time and money, and they are willing to pass those savings on to you
 by giving you a rebate deducted from their commission.

 Full Service Buyer Assistance & Cash Back

Our  agents are obligated to work just as hard as any other agent to get you the best deal and terms on an offer you submit. Best of all, because standard real estate commissions are paid by home sellers NOT home buyers, this service is totally free to those looking to buy a new home, condo or townhouse.

 Yes rebates are legal Click Here

Home buyer should consult a tax professional concerning the implications of receiving the rebate. Real estate commissions are negotiable and not fixed by law. Eligibility for rebate requires a signed Buyers Agency Agreement provided by us VRI Homes or an affiliated broker at initial contact spelling out the terms of the rebate and the agency relationship to the property buyer. All parties involved must be notified about the rebate. We must net a minimum of $3000. in commission before payment of any rebate. If your area is not covered we will attempt to find an affiliate broker who can assist you. Lender guidelines may be affected by receipt of a rebate so discuss with your mortgage representative. This offer subject to change without notice.

Buyer Rebate

 Example Buyer Agent Commission $10,000  Buyer Rebate 20% $2,000.00



Simply fill out the form below and we will send you the buyer rebate coupon immediately by e-mail. As always, you can contact one of real estate professionals directly toll-free at (800-206-4360). 

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 The IRS has provided an opinion on this subject, and determined that real estate rebates are not taxable. You can read more about the IRS position on the matter at this link and this link. Since the rebate is not taxable, a 1099 will not be issued to you. link

 IMPORTANT:  New Jersey Real Estate Commission rules REQUIRE there be a written agreement with the buyer at the onset of the relationship. Otherwise no rebate may be issued.  So you must sign up for this initially or it will not apply.  The rebate will be paid as a “credit” to the buyer at closing or a check from the closing agent, thereby reducing our portion of the Broker commission. 

 This page does not create an agreement between the parties, that can only be accomplished through a written signed agreement.  This is for NJ Buyer Rebates on Real Estate Commissions.  The "ACT" permitting this practice was signed into law on January 17th 2010 including Rebates on Real Estate Commissions.  As the Act is new, changes to our plan may need to be implemented to conform as requirements are clarified.  Any aspect of our Buyers Rebate program which does not meet applicable rules, will be changed or modified.  We will not be liable to perform any act which does not now or in the future meet all requirements of NJ Law, NJ Real Estate Commission Rules, or Federal Law.     In New Jersey all commissions are negotiable. No valid on existing customers since the law requires the agreement be signed at the onset of the relationship.

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